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We are divorced and dating each other

Life can be cruel, during my marriage, I always saw my husband as this wonderful, sexy man that every woman wanted, and I always felt the opposite of myself, but I always wanted him to love me the same way.

Well, after twenty years, we go our separate ways. During our separation, he begins to realise all of the things that were wrong, some of his doing, some of mine and then just being lazy.

Well now he realizes that I am beautiful and that he can’t live without me. When we are together, he looks at me with most sweet eyes and longing look and wants to just hold me and listen to me babble about my life outside of us.

We are divorced and dating each other, we both live in different cities and our lives are very different. It hurts to be alone some nights and there are days when I enjoy the freedom of being my true self, but I do miss him just being there physically. His presence at the table, on the couch, in our bed keeps the loneliness away.

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