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How I overcame illiteracy alcoholism

Hi my name is Fred. And I would just like to share my story to inspire people. Because the news is not that great these days. I just wrote this book called Goodness and Mercy. It’s about how I overcame illiteracy alcoholism divorce pancreatitis and so much more through perseverance. On top of all of that I wrote this book using my phone because I couldn’t spell half of the words. I know it will inspire a lot of people. Now I’m a motivational speaker sharing my story in Prisons and to anyone in Hawaii and throughout the world to inspire People.

This is a recommendation from the head librarian in the prisons in Hawaii. To whom it may concern: Goodness and Mercy” is one of the most startlingly spiritual novels I’ve ever read…Poignant and real, this book touches a deep chord in the human experience. This is a journey to a person’s inner self, to find the motivation that can make you persevere in spite of anxieties, addiction and other setbacks in your life. The writer of this journey constantly challenges himself to overcome his inner demons in order to reach God’s power. It is an honest and very intense personal journey that will keep the reader spellbound.

Hakon , Librarian V

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