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I have long thought about how true I feel

Si rose? I love that. Even though I knew that I was just him. It’s different because I really feel it. That’s the feeling it is. Case no. Because I love you. I love all types! It’s a difficult case when someone does not want to. But I cannot. Even painful. I love it all.

I just want to know that I’m the one who does not love her and loves her. Before I say to. I have long thought about how true I feel. Now I can prove to myself that I love her. I just want to talk to my troops always. I’m tired of tears thinking you’re a girl who has a story.

They say once I’ve stopped. Even though it is uncertain whether he will love me. I still fight when they try to stop me. I love it. Even though I know that someone else likes it. Go for it. even if I’m hurt. Just fight. I’m called a fool. I really love it. I know that I’m annoyed because he did not say anything. I’m in a bad mood or not. I just want to know her so much. Whatever happens I’m just here for her. I’m hurt if I’m hurt not to love her. I love you very much. I love it because it’s him.

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