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I was the second choice

I have always been the chosen one, but I was always second choice for them.

I was my first love’s second choice, because he couldn’t be with his love.

I was the second choice for another guy I loved, because the girl of his dreams had no feelings for him.

I was the second choice of a summer crush I fell in love with, because his beloved one friend zoned him.

I am the second choice of my current boyfriend, because his big love broke his heart and left him.

But the worst part is that I was my own second choice, because I chose to give my love to other people that are not worth my time instead of loving myself, instead of saving my heart for someone who deserves it.

Because I have a big big Pisces heart where I can find a place for everyone in this world but not for me.

So from now on, I chose to be MY first choice.

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