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Shining brightly as sun and yet ready to set down for moon to take its place

Love. Basically, it is a four letters word but carrying such essence of emotions and feelings with it, that can only be compared with the depth of oceans or the huge universe. Hard to fathom, yet so beautiful.

As the time passed, she became closer and closer to this word. At first, she felt it is that beautiful feeling which filled her world with its bright colours. Breeze soothing her soul, music making it flutter further and the thoughts of him making her heart skips beats were all that she could realize.

Only after six years, when she had to lie to him for making him hate her, made her realized that love also bleeds red.

How could it be prevented? For she and her lover were from different religions and the society promised her to make him bleed for that sin.

She could not have afforded to see him bleed so she decided to let her love bleed.
Still, her love is fluttering in the air, shining brightly as sun and yet ready to set down for moon to take its place.

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