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We all human beings a many dream to be successfully climb up the stairs

18-year-old boy.

I have completed my 12th grade and I am going to give a national entrance exam NEET in these 2018.

I am not good at studies at all and I am used to it. I have a drop for one year for its preparation. Okay let me skip….

My parents are full confidence on me. They have a dream. My family have a dream that they have one family doctor and this will be me. I was too having a dream that one day I will be a good doctor. I was having a dream that yes, I will have a hospital which will serve a free work to all my patient. I want to help poor people. But now I don’t care about what my dream was.

We all human beings a many dream to be successfully climb up the stairs. And that was too ruled over me. The family pressure now is more a big term. I am changed before 3 months from the exam I have not studied for a lot I changed myself I don’t like peoples nearby me.

I am not going to do well in these exam, I know very well but. But one day I got call from my friend from a different city & he says “you will make a change. You were a last boy to come in all over the class. But now from a 1 year yes you will fly high then ever one of our class” these line give or generates a potential in me I got goose bumps while talking to him like these and I said that o.k. bye .

These all creates an image in my eyes that what I had promised to my dad, what I give a dream to my mind and soul. And yes, I remember what a money we engaged these year. So all these from these I changed and floats over the water to see a sunshine. And here my heart says that oh yes you have a less time, but you can. And I can.

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