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I may seem all right, but I’ve been through a bit of depression

I may seem all right, but I’ve been through a bit of depression. It started in 7th grade, I met new friends and liked everything. One day I saw how people didn’t took me seriously, so I started to cut myself in front of them and I didn’t know it was bad.

The counsellor called me down and told me not to do that or she’ll call my parents, I didn’t know at that time that it was bad. Then I met this guy who was really nice, we dated for about 4 months when he decided to break up. I was totally fine with that.

8th grade started, and I kept trying to be his friend, but he didn’t want to, it made me sad. Then he started to be mean. Telling me I’m a devil and that he wishes I could burn up in hell. I told the counsellors and they talked to him. Everything was all right after that but then my friends started to have troubles themselves. Getting abused and or mistreated. I hated to hear that. I tried to keep them smile but it didn’t work.

Eventually I felt sad every moment and cried myself to sleep from time to time. Then cut myself with sharp stuff. Hated myself and blamed everything on me. I decided to join a counselling group, so they could help me with my thoughts. So far it has helped and now I’m trying to help my friends with their problems. I’m starting to be happy once again

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