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You have NO IDEA how hot it is to make a 6yo girl orgasm

Back in 2008, my wife and I were home-schooling our than six of old daughter Bella she was really cute sweet girl, Crooked Smile, but nothing I would have ever wanted to divulge in; until she got out of the bathtub and climbed up on my lap that one fateful afternoon and she felt my dick begin to grow very hard underneath her sweet little ass that was only being covered by a towel as she had done a hundred times before.

But this time it was different she sat with her legs wrapped around me and hug me and all I had on was a white pair of shorts and my shirt so my dick grew right up onto her little pussy and she looked at me with a bit of confusion, but she did not try to get away from it, she actually tried to getting closer and eventually had her little pussy on the very tip of my dick at which point she began to gently Rock her hips back and forth grinding her pussy further on my cock.

Before I could even respond I came so hard. I grabbed her from around her waist and pulled her on my dick like she was a grown woman.

My throbbing cock was now out of my shorts and very much rubbing on her sweet innocent little pussy. It was EVERYTHING I had in me to keep from just sinking my cock deep into her and fulfilling my primal instincts, but from that day on she became daddies little girl….

She would climb into bed with my wife and I and get right between us, and put her little ass right on my cock and then II would slip my cock between her legs and slowly thrust back and forth while I rubbed her little clit with my hand until I felt her little body begin to tremble at which point I would hold the head of my cock up to her little pussy and shoot my load into her pussy and make her hold it for the night.

If you have never experienced it, you have NO IDEA how hot it is to make a 6yo girl orgasm… and the bond that forms from it is unbelievable.


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