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I feel abandoned by my friends

I feel abandoned by my friends, specially one person.

For years, while she was alone [was not in relationship], I didn’t plan even one trip or event, without making sure if she is comfortable. I wanted to make feel not lonely.

Meanwhile other friends went on with their lives and just sometimes checked in with us. We used to talk about that it is so rare occasion to meet them. Now when she is in relationships, I see her, and those rare friends plan events together.

They include me also, but it is more like after they have spent some time together, they remember to include me. I feel more like obligation [for old times] than friend they want to spend time together.


  1. Hello, i feel the same way too. Im with these group of friends and they always hangout together without me. It makes me sad that I am part of the group yet I am not comfortable to be with them. It feels like Im just an option. I dont know but i become very distant to people now and its affecting me so badly. I dont know if im doing it right. But it seems like i dont want to get attach to anyone anymore because everyone seems so fake. I actually hate the feeling like they dont like me because I am being me but it seems like i have to be someone i order to fit in. It hurts and it is sad. Sorry. I just want to share my feelings because i have no one to share to. I do have close friends but i dont feel like sharing it to them. I dont know anymore. Im still figuring things out. Hopefully you will as well.

  2. I had a best friend for 10 years and now I don’t. She was toxic and I am glad I got out of get spell. Maybe she had you under her spell too. It’s dangerous to try and please toxic people because you get super happy when they are and infinitely upset even for the smallest thing.
    I never had another best friend ever since. Yes sure some people sometimes talk to me but I found the greatest boyfriend that he is not only my best friend but my alter ego.
    Things get better just don’t stick in toxic situations even though it will be hard at the beginning.
    Hope it gets better for you.

  3. Move on.
    Why stay with friends that treat you as common as rocks?
    When you can find people that treasure you like a diamond.
    You will feel the difference.
    Trust me.
    I’ve been there.

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