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He only pays attention to few students

I don’t know why teachers only pays attention on some students without knowing the qualities of other students under the same roof. It really bothers me from last few weeks because it gets me lot of pressure to prove myself. I’m trying a lot to ignore this and concentrate on my learning, but I don’t know why it frustrates and irritates me a lot and convince me to not attend that class.

He only pays attention to few students (one or two) and thinks rest of us can’t do or think anything, but on the other hand he is contradicted personality and used to say, “all are equal”, and never follows that.

From last few weeks it really irritates me lot and force me to write this. Few days back it leads to extreme like, he gave some sort of paper which includes some data structure question to few students who he thinks are able to solve them. I don’t know how he has got such supernatural power to intuit rest of students can’t do that paper (questions) or only those whom he gave can do so, instead that paper (questions) doesn’t belongs to his subject.

I don’t know what my fellow classmates thinks of this, but I really felt bad that a person who is sitting on such responsible place(teacher) in society and is responsible for other student’s loss. we can’t (what he thinks) but at least distributed among all of us or discuss the contents of that paper and then we have right to take it or not. The most devastating fact of this matter is that he used to discuss about that paper to “his” few students but only one in front of us and during the regular class. I don’t know what he tries to show about his students or himself but I never aspect this thing from him.

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