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I rescued myself out of a relationship

I just recently, meaning like three days ago, rescued myself out of a relationship I did not want to be in.

You know those ones where it has gotten so boring over such a short period of time and you just say “Nope I can’t do it anymore. Sorry.” But then again not feeling bad at all whatsoever? Well, that’s exactly how it was. I did it over a phone call, he messaged me for a while after that, but I gave him blunt answers because I mean, honestly, I’m still young and I don’t have time to put up with people I don’t want to put up with you know?

It was the type of relationship where if you held hands, you would point out to the other that you are holding hands. Like um hello? I KNOW I’M HOLDING HANDS WITH YOU WE’RE NOT 5 YEARS OLD. But he would’ve thought it was completely normal. Just a reminder to everyone, don’t waste your time on people, jobs, or anything you DO NOT want to do because honestly, you’ll feel so much better once you release yourself from them or it in my case 😉 Just kidding. Hope you enjoyed xx

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