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Bad luck comes in three

The past year has been very difficult. Multiple family members have died, the man I thought I would be with for a long time chose to be with someone else, and I lost my job.

I feel like I can’t allow myself to be happy at the risk of something else terrible happening. I am really struggling with the loss of people alive and dead. It’s almost been a year and very little good has come compared to the bad.

Normally I am not such a negative person, but these months have been weighing on me. I have thought of death more than I’d like to admit. It would be a lot easier to not have to get up in the morning. I am hoping that things don’t end that way for me, but I am running on empty. Just felt like I needed to vent since I am having a hard time trusting anyone. Why aren’t our lives our own?

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  1. In a way, our lives do belong to us. Its all about living whats left of it. And since we have no way of measuring our time, lets just live it daily. Sorry for all of your losses. You’re not on E. Pull something from somewhere and just keep going.

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