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I am not a whore

Good evening.

I am not a whore. I am in a lovely relationship at the moment.

Lately though, I’ve been observing a guy in my class. He has a beautiful warm smile which really attracts me. Also, he has a friend who always laughs and looks at me whenever is something funny. So, the reason why I feel guilty is that I really want to kiss them!! I really want to get to know them better and make them feel free around me. I want to feed my imagination. I want to make a love story with both of them at the same time! It’s so insane!! I never felt this way. It all started months ago. If I were a poet, I would say that I am a human lover. It sounds me so entertaining and both interesting just to meet people and try with them different kind of relationships and love adventures…

(I repeat: I love my boyfriend, I would never cheat him.)

But does that weird will of mine has a name?

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  1. Just because you have these thoughts and feelings hardly makes you a whore. Would your bf be open to a 3some, or watch you fuck this other guy? I for one enjoy this with my wife a great deal, as does she. It takes a special kind of relationship to handle bringing others to your bed but can be very erotic and stimulating if you are inclined to a more daring adventure. I hope you get what you crave.

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