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Just wanted to know If I am Wrong or Right.

Dear Better Half.,

What is Love for Today’s generations? What should be done arranged marriage or love? still searching Answer for all. I received a request/feedback from my better half/wife don’t know what to say
but she said because of me she fell like locked/restricted in relationship so sending the last letter to you, don’t know when will you received this and what I will be at that time but just wanted to explain what I fell.

I may be wrong or may be right but give some time and please this letter till last, as no more letter or message you will received from my end.
Let start will all restriction which I have applied to you:-

  1. Informing me or not Going out after 11pm: this is because the Area where you live is dangerous for girls as a husband I made this request so that you will be safe like all other Husband will do,
    but you thought I’m killing your freedom, don’t know if it’s right or wrong but I don’t think it wrong to think about wife safety. But will respect your decision and letting you be free and enjoy your life.
  2. Having fight: Its common to have fight but after fight we come more closer, but this again is killing your happiness, so don’t worry won’t fight anymore.
    You had fight with your family member, I tried to reduce it but still it’s my fault thinking you should be close to your family as I am not.
  3. Marriage: You wanted to get marriage, I know it was my fault before Marriage but after that I have improved and no single mistake was done by me but as per you This was an childish act but try to remember I agreed with all your decision and did whatever it took to be with you (even got separated from my family). Don’t know what I did is right or wrong.

Today I am writing all this because I am totally confused about each decision which I took from last 3 years. I was like Love Guru to suggest and give idea to other couples and helping them get Married so that they will spend their life together but today even “Love guru” doesn’t know what to do for his life to get you back.

I still remember the call when you were coming back to Mumbai from your brother marriage, the words which you said, “I want to be free, free from our Marriage, free from all family, free from all restricted, Work for yourself, earn for yourself and your sister.”

Like in Bollywood movie I also tried to support your decision, but I felt like it’s killing me from inside, as per you “you won’t be leaving me but want to be free” but I am tired of telling people lie that why you’re not joining our group party, why you are acting different.

The reason why I’m writing this is because recently when our friend where going for court marriage and I have requested you to help us then you compared this with money. “I have always tried to fulfil your and your family need by killing my dream and spending all my salary so that you will be happy, but I didn’t know that Freedom is the thing which will make you happy.

The day came and our friend where getting married, as I was arranging all stuff for them I was with them in Court and in Temple (Same one where we got married 3 years ago). Pandit was teaching them the importance of Marriage/ What is the meaning of Husband and wife, how to spend life together in Good time and bad time. This was the first time I cried a Lot from inside and put a fake smile on face as someone is getting new life and I’m breaking my life, can’t cry in front of other and one, one is with me at this time (this time I required someone to be with me).

Don’t know from now onward I will be same like I used to be or will be completely different but once you obtain your freedom and if you come back in my life there will be different me who will not believe in Love or Marriage.

Hoping your life will be as you dreamed and God to give me power to handle this Pain as I know now that I can’t handle it being current me.


Just wanted to know If I am Wrong or Right.

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