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I lived in a town where it attempted genocide

I have spent the last 20 years of my life working and living in a government town that has, as a policy attempted the genocide of my people for at least the last 200 years. This community is primarily people of “non-colour” that nod their heads politely when I speak of the feeling of systemic racism. I feel I no longer belong to my tribe, but definitely do not belong to the larger populace.

Have not been connected to my roots as a result of a decision I made to make my spouse happy, in that she felt the need to be close to family and friends, so left my roots to be around hers, but she ignores hers and expects me to be her connection to reality while having no volition to allow me to be Anishinabek.

Just plain tired of the struggle. Needing to figure a plan for me, the spousal unit and progeny, and both theirs and my life

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