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I’m 15 and have had 5 boyfriends

I am of fifteen. And you know what I made 5 boyfriends till now. No! I am not like a playgirl but may be my destiny made me that in front of people.

I got into my first relationship in class 8. I was in love with guy from 3 years and he loved me too but we both were shy in telling the truth to each other. Finally, we got into relationship but after 4 months he dumped me because of my classmate. He started liking her and they both got into a relationship. He was my first love and obviously it hurt a when he did not even tell me that he wants to break up with me and suddenly proposed her. It took time to move on, but I did that.

When I was in ninth standard a boy on Facebook proposed me. He was the hottest guy I have ever seen. After some time, I fell in love with him. Then we got into relationship. But he was a bloody bastard. He just wanted to sleep with me. So, I broke up.

After 3 months of this I met a new guy on Facebook. He was my classmate’s friend. I did not know who he was but still I started talking to him and told him all my story. He gave me some sympathy I just again fell in love with a guy. He was a guy who don’t loves to study. And I am the topper of my class. My dreams are very big. But that guy doesn’t have any dream at all. He loves me a lot. Even till now. But I dumped him. He was the first guy I dumped because of a boy who’s also in my school. He looks very hot and cute but that previous one was black. And I started falling in love for another guy now. He was flirting with me from a month. And I started liking him. We got into a relationship. This time I thought that it’s my last relationship, but I was wrong. I loved him so much, but he was an asshole. Maybe he was cheating on me. One day his sister and mother called on my mother’s phone and told her all about us. And then we broke up.

When I was with him, a girl in ninth had a new admission in my class. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She had a boyfriend. One day his boyfriend sent me friend request on Facebook. I accepted that after asking her about that. After some chat his boyfriend proposed me. I started hating that guy from that time. Then he said sorry and also that girl said that he was just kidding with me. So, I pardon him. I started talking to that guy and we became very good friends. Even I became his best friend. We fought a lot. He started calling me angry bird. And I am a fighting type of girl. But whenever we fought he always came to apologize. I told everything about me to him. He started talking to him more than her girlfriend who is my classmate. My boyfriend and me also fought a lot. But this time I always go for pardon even there was not my fault at all. Then one day that boy proposed me again. He told me that he loves me so much.

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