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Is it normal for me to fantasize about my mom and her boyfriend having sex?

It’s my first story I share so. Here’s some info about me. I’m 20-year-old boy I live with my mom and her boyfriend. So is it normal for me to fantasize about my mom and her boyfriend having sex? With my mother we’re very close after divorce with my father so she saw me so many times naked I have seen her so many times naked and I don’t think about my mom in incest way but I can agree that she has very big breasts.

So one day she told me we’re about to live with her boyfriend and I was agree with that – finally a father figure in my life. One day as a teenager I decided to enter the adult sites for doing my job. And they told me they’re stopping those sites from my computer, phone, television and etc. So, every time when I decide to pleasure myself I’m thinking about them doing it or my girlfriend, mom, and her boyfriend and sometimes me my girlfriend and my mom’s boyfriend.

Is it normal because sometimes I feel really ashamed, but I don’t really have other options so please give me some advice?

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