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I need help or maybe I need to talk with many people

First of all, what I want to tell is not new to this world… I am a girl and I am eighteen years old, I live in Europe in a small continent! I want to share and to talk with you and somehow, I need help or maybe I need to talk with many people and that’s why I wanted to share this online.

I have a big family, five sisters and two brothers and thanks to god they are all healthy and beautiful. Since I was a kid, like five years old, I can’t remember a beautiful day with my family and when I mean family I mean my parents! That’s my father, he the one that abused us all of our life!

Every day he was drunk, he abused my mother extremely and punched her many times! So many bad things happen in our life because of him, my mother was weak and couldn’t get divorced! Today I hate him very much and I don’t know what to do because I don’t know where to get help and I can’t stand him anymore, I’m so full of all the bad and negative things, I even can’t describe my feelings!

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  1. Your siblings and all could be strong and supportive for your mother

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