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My Brother Thinks It Was Real

When I was 9 and my brother was 3, my brother had a dream that I started sucking his penis and now he thinks it was real. WHAT. DO. I. DO.

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  1. My neph has same, he woke up one day I (his uncle) sucked him off and he told his mum, who subsequently told her sis (my wife). So my wife started demanding why I was a pervert and next time we were on holiday in Spain she told me to get naked in our apartment with neph there and asked her sis and her son if they got turned on by me. I had to get hard and suck them both until they admitted they liked me, her sis came twice and neph came 4 times. Never came myself but both said they agreed I was a perverted uncle. That was 2 months ago not sure what will happen next time we have to visit them.

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