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She was hurt and so she did what she knows best

It was that one message to him that would completely ruin her life forever.

Now when you think about that there’s a lot of scenarios that could have happened, right?

Well this one is different, this story will break your heart and the word trust will become unviable.

When she met him everything was fine and it was nice, she would come home from school and talked to him for hours on end even at night knowing that she had to go to school the next day but she didn’t mind at all, all she knew was she was happy that they were talking none stop oh and even in school they would talk, during lunch breaks, in between classes sometimes when she’s feeling extra bad even in her own class.

He would tell her all kinds of lovely thing’s and promises to her. He once said, “I would take a good care of you if you are here with me.” See, when someone says that, that’s all we want, that’s what we crave for is for someone to care for us and vice versa. Not long they started to see each other on via video call but she had to keep that a secret because her parents wouldn’t agree to those terms that they have. You have to think, she was only 16 maybe 17 at the time? and he was in his late 20’s close to 30’s but there’s a twist, you probably wonder how they have met.

They met years ago, when she was only 13 or 14 years old, now the age shouldn’t matter but, in the law, they do… big time… so they kept it to themselves and went on like they were best friends even. She believed he wanted something more, but they could not do anything because he lives in Texas and she lived in California. He was talking to her about coming down to California and be with her and see where thing’s would go but she was scared to do so. They stopped talking for a while because of what they discussed that night.

Weeks has passed by and they started to come around each other, he had told her that there was an opportunity in Los Angeles with his friends and co-workers, in shock she was happy to hear the news, she was EXTATIC!! she could not wait for them to see each other and they can finally see each other for the first time in person. The time has finally come for him to leave but they did not know how they would see each other since the drive would be 2 hours away from each other. so. they would just talk on the phone and constantly text nonstop.

Things had gotten worse for him when he was living there, he barely have any food, he doesn’t have any money and he was getting ill and he needed to go home, so he called his father and asked if he can buy him a ticket back to Texas. It was a sad moment that day, they were so close to seeing each other but under circumstances it did not happen. Maybe it was a good thing that it didn’t. And so… He left and went back home, he had to live with his parents for a while to look for a job and to settle down at least for the moment. They had to go back from square one, texting, skyping, talking on the phone. like the old days.

He was telling her that if she would move with him that he would care for her, that he would provide for her while they were together. She was hesitant at first because all of this is too good to be true, imagine? If someone you met online and told you all of this, of course to a minor everything sounds really good and careless all it takes is for him to get her and convinced her. Well the time has come for them to be together finally, she has left home because of him and she had lied to her family. Her parents were really heartbroken as she is the only child.

Her story began when they met, and she was about to be awaken with reality.

They arrived in Texas finally, she has met his mother and his sister whom picked them up at the bus station. They needed much rest and food and shower that afternoon, and so they did, they talked to them about their plan which is to look for a job and start from there. Oh, how everything changed drastically, everyone’s lives will change. Months had passed by and they were finally working, they seemed happy at first everything was really good.

She found out that she was pregnant with their first child. They did not know what to do about it but just to wait and see and of course she decided to keep the baby. She had told her parents and they were shocked of course but I am guessing sad and overwhelmed as well since she’s not with them, his parents new about it as well. They needed a big change, they needed their own place because it was really getting too crowded in the house and plus his sister is not helping as well. His sister is something else all I can say is she likes drama as much as him.

Happiness surrounds them as they wait for this angel to be born, they have bought clothes and other things for the first baby, but that happiness is about to change. You see, when a couple is expecting you would think they would go through this together…. right? Well that’s when you are completely wrong, she wanted something to share with him, she wanted him to stop and think but he wouldn’t. He stood outside for hours on end speaking someone over the phone, oh this is not your typical 10-minute talk oh no no this is your 2-4-hour talk, like when you and your best friend have not talked with each other in so long type of phone call and did I mention you this is every night?

As so this habit of his continues, she begs him to stay inside with her and not to do a lot of that anymore, but he did not listen, so he continued on. She felt really alone, she felt like she was going through this pregnancy alone and she was really afraid. One incident where someone said that he had met this woman in some bar or club which ever you want to call it. Of course, you would realize that after hearing this she would leave him… That is when you are wrong. She did now. She has thought of it and she had old him. He said, “it was a prank, it wasn’t real” and he continue on explaining to her.

Between 4-6 month of her pregnancy when this happened she had to call her mom and talk to her and explain to her what happened, her mother was hurt and surprised because she had told them how incredible he is and how he always cares for her and puts her first, well, we all know that is a big lie. She was going to leave him with their first baby, she was ready but then again, she did not. His parents talked to her about things and may I mention to you that his family had accused her of sleeping with someone, that accused her of adultery but how? She is pregnant with his own child.

His family kept calling her wicked names, imagine the letter A in scarlet letter the movie all the names that you can think off they have called her that and she was about be kicked out of that house, she did not do anything and then they said a video? What video? she was working that night and he was too so I do not know why they would create such a story. She cried, and she was packing her things, she was ready to leave that place and come home to where she belongs and guess what…she did not. She stayed. After all that drama that had happened so much drama, his sister accusing her of stealing her makeup which she barely wore any, his sister called her names and then his sister would be nice to them like nothing has had happened. Minding her own business is the only thing that she can do since she couldn’t go home not that she can’t.

Finally!!!! something good has happened!!!!! This angel that they have been waiting for is born!!! Her name is ______________, she was healthy and so beautiful. While everyone was at aw her life was in danger, doctors have gathered around her to save her from death. Her heart rate went up, she had a very very high fever and she was bleeding everywhere, they had to use a lot of pints of blood to save her life, she had to stay at the hospital for about a week, it was tough for everyone, she had almost lost her life! but she was so strong, she was a fighter! she came back and conquered being a mother! They went home eventually, oh boy, things were changing really fast and they do not know what they are doing but it’s all okay. Oh, I forgot to mention that her parents visited her when she had a preterm labour with the first baby, they were so happy to see her, and she was happy to see them! She wanted to go home with them so badly, but she knew it would hurt him.

Things were really looking out for them and she would think “ok this is it, he will change! we have a baby now!” she was wrong. Big time. She was about to learn the hard way that he only cared when she asked him to care. Guess where he is again. At night. Every night! he was outside talking to his friend again. Just imagine, a very young mom who had to take care of their child by herself and what does he do? He stays outside and when she needed his help he would tell her “hold on” after “hold on” so she just did everything herself, imagine, putting yourself in that situation where the own father would not even help out. It drover her crazy, it made her really lonely that she would talk to her one only friend, she had thoughts of leaving but she did not pursue, she had thoughts of leaving him for another, but she did not do it. She made friends eventually and they would go out and have some time away, we all know that feeling, feeling to get a couple of hours away to get your sanity back and let’s face it, she kind of deserve to get out of that house.

A year had passed by and they got some money, so they looked at apartments and they have moved unto their own place. Finally, right? She was not working at that time, so she was just a stay at home mom which is a job too. There is a twist, she got pregnant again, this was not a pregnancy plan he knew better, he knew to be careful, but he did not, he just got her pregnant hoping ang thinking that she would not leave him since they were not married and that were just engaged. she called her mother and cried on the phone “I do not know what to do” as she was sobbing hard and guess where he is again…oh you are right!! outside talking to his friend.

After speaking to her mother for a while she had enough and told him to come in and talk about things. You would think he would change and would be there for her since he got her pregnant the 2nd time in such a short time!

One night she was not feeling well, she could not keep anything down, she was throwing up and shaking it was all new to her, so she had asked him to call the Doctors office and talk in her behalf, they had told her that she needed to go to the hospital and she will be admitted since she is sick, and she needed some medical attention, and so they did. He would be out again talking on the phone; may I remind you that this is every night. She was finally okay and ready to be sent home. This particular night that she was feeling lonely and sad and just alone, as he was walking out the door she told him “can you please stay with me you are always outside and doesn’t care” and all he said was “oh shut up you’re being dramatic”…. She was hurt and so she did what she knows best. She cried and cried until she was tired and went to sleep. The next day he was acting like nothing had happened.

They had to leave that place because of some circumstances and they found another place, the children were happy and healthy! she would always cook for them and take care of the place, she would not let him do anything besides just to take the trash out and maybe ask for him to take care of the children while she takes care the rest of the house. Surprisingly he did for a change and she was happy. But his hobby did not change as we all know his favourite pass time is to talk on the phone outside in the middle of the night and then again, she was left alone with everything for her to do, which in that moment she gave up on everything, she only stayed because of the children as well all know they would need two parents in their lives.

Another storm would pass them and challenge their relationship if you can even call it than. He had told her one evening that he does not love her anymore…. Imagine the rollercoaster of emotions that she was going through this time? Two children, no job and a fiancé who will just not change for the sake of their children. She was heartbroken she felt like the world and everyone was against here, she felt alone and unloved. She just wanted to be loved and showed that someone cares about her and her children, and she thought she had found that when she met him years before. She met his brother and she poured out all of her emotions and feelings to him, she doesn’t know where to go or who to turn and he was there to talk to her and to help her out and give her advice on everything, they became close to each other where almost every day they would text all the time or have a nice conversation once in a while and he knew that they were talking and she guessed since he did now say anything to her they did not stop talking.

She felt as if something is wrong with him, she felt that something is way off that he was acting differently from the other times…she called her friend from California and asked her a huge favour may I tell you that she did not want to do this, but she loved her so much that she did it anyway because they were practically sisters at this point. She had asked her if she can see if he will cheat on her (not like he hadn’t done it before) and see where that takes them. The plan worked! She was flirting and he was flirting back and he giggled too much and when she asked him “what’s so funny” he said “these funny posts” little did he know she was sending her through text what they were talking about and what he is telling her oh man that made her blood boil to the core! But she has a lot patience. She waited for the right moment to catch him in action.

One breezy summer night she had asked him to buy something from the store because the kids would need it by tomorrow and so he did, she dressed up under her pyjamas she wore a pair of jeans and shirt under it all… He left to go to the store and she had to come with something he will fall for just to prove that everything is over between them from that moment. Well…are you ready for this?

She told her friend to pretend to have phone sex with her and he did… When he came back from the store he parked in front of their apartment and he quietly shut his door, so she would not hear it, we were on a conference call, but he did not know that she had put her side on mute, so he would not suspect anything or hear anything. So, as they were talking maliciously on the phone where she can hear everything without him knowing, she got out the back door. Ran to where he was parked. She was hiding in between cars so he would not see her while he was busy on the phone…and then…. BBAAAMMM!!!!!! she banged on that car window and he was caught red handed…. his…. parts were in his hand and on the phone. She lost it! She was screaming at him asking questions and he had the nerve to say “it was an 1-800 number” … nope try again!! It was her friend who she calls “sis” she had all the evidence and she slams he phone in front of him and he was shocked! The look on his pace was priceless!!! She was right all along! and she wondered if he was recalling talking with a guy over these years every night.

Feel this… imagine someone you really cared about, someone you loved for so long that you did not leave his side even though he was not acting like a father or a significant other to you. Let that sink in, the feeling of your heart shattering every time you see him. Yet again that did not drove her away, her feeling had left, the way she looks at him is different, the way she approaches things, nothing is left for the both of them and she was ready to just walk out that door with their children but she didn’t she knew that their children would need more than just their mother on their side growing up and so she had moved on again with a broken heart. When she found out that he did not love her anymore she even helped him make a dating profile for him, but he felt weird about it but why?

Things were not really looking good for them in Texas and so they have made the decision to move in California where her family would take them in and would help them with anything. She was pregnant with their 3rd child at this moment when they left. They packed what they could bring and left. It took them over a day to get to their destination and when they did, her parents were so happy! they can finally be with their daughter and their grandchildren oh what an amazing family reunion. They helped them with a lot of things, they did not ask a cent from him when he found a job, they helped with their diapers, food, clothes, toys, etc. In my opinion I felt bad because it was such a small space but that’s okay all that matters are they are together as a family. Once again. He would go outside and talk for hours with his night owl friend. Her mom and dad gave their bedroom for them to sleep in, so they can be comfortable. She was shy and embarrassed because that is her parents place and they should be the one who’s comfortable.

His father was sleeping on the couch every night and she felt really bad since they are not getting any younger of age but that didn’t bother him, as long as his daughter and grandchildren were comfortable and safe he was okay with it. Weeks and months had passed by and her mother came to her asking if he would not go outside so much since her father was having a hard time sleeping in the past, he was not helping at all. I am not sure if he listened.

To be continued.

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