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I’m cursed for life

I grew up on a catholic family but I was never very into religion but I’m going to jump straight to the point because it would take pages to explain exactly why I’m cursed for life. Everything happened when I was about 13 years old. I don’t remember my exact age but I remember how it started as if it was yesterday. When I got back from school I decided to take a walk around the apartments close to where I live, it was getting late but the sun was still out. That day I was feeling like a normal teenager.

I walk through a fence that led to other apartments I didn’t know that are very well but as I was walking I decided it was getting too late and started turning back to go home, than as I was walking back there were two dumpsters there I walked past them but suddenly I stopped and felt the urged to walk to the two dumpsters. I don’t know why I didn’t had any trash to get rid of. While I was walking to the two dumpsters I heard a loud noise behind them I thought it was a squirrel and somehow thought it was a good ideas to go check it out, so there I was behind the dumpster looking for whatever made that sound when I saw a huge jar full of some clear liquid and what seemed to be gold and silver jewellery (rings, weird coins mainly) grabbed it and looked at it and put I down were it was and walked away but as I was walking away I heard the sound again I looked back to where I left the jar and the jar was gone.

I went home, and everything started from that day, I would find random peace’s of very old newspaper tucked in the corners of my bathroom mirror.

It didn’t made since at first because I’ve never believed in any of that crap and I still don’t but no I’m old enough to realize that there is no other explanation from that day everything related to my life and my life only went downhill. My grades decreased to a point that I’ve never expected. My “friends” turned out to be opportunists I stopped exercising and socialising not because I didn’t wanted but because every day I was tired for not sleeping very well. I started to get more and more graphic nightmares. One day I woke up from my first day of a good night sleep and I was feeling happy again I went to look at myself in the mirror and I was face to face with someone that looked like me but had deep wounds on the face I didn’t freaked out for some reason that thing was looking at my eyes and I was looking at his noticing how calm and dead his eyes looked I thought I was hallucinating so I move back to see if the reflection in the mirror would move with me and it didn’t it stood there looking straight into my eyes I decided to ignore it and opened the door and walk out of the bathroom from there I had so much bad stuff happened in my life. Jumping to recent years the “cursed” has gotten worst.

I was driving home from work and an old lady almost rammed my vehicle into a pole. I was beeping my horn but the lady drove like nothing happened that then I started to feel less human every day for all the bad luck I’ve had I would find things funny anymore I wouldn’t care about old friends anymore and I would fake smile and act interested in conversations at work so I don’t get fired. Of course the bad luck got worst one day I was sleeping and somebody tried to unlock my door it sound it like a person but I know there was nobody in the house but me. When the sound stopped I grabbed a bat and head to investigate, I found out that somebody had somehow broken in to the house. I wasn’t having it. I grabbed the bad and walked to the rooms. I saw him standing there I tried to sneak up to him to knock him out but he turned around and saw me and pulled a gun out. I could tell the guy was drugged and shaking I kept my calm and put the bat down he told me that he was going to kill me for sneaking up to him. I honestly didn’t even cared I was as calmed as ever which made him think I was going to pull out another weapon he pointed the gun at my head and said let’s go to the living room we went to the living room and said he was going to tight me up. I was planning how to stop him before he did unfortunately he found a cable and started to tight my hands and my feet I thought that was it I lost my chance but I was still too calmed and that pissed him off. He stared throwing stuff and yelling were the fuck is the money? I calmly said it was all digital but you can search the house and see what you find if you don’t believe me. He cocked the gun and aimed at me and ask me if I was lying and I said no I was almost sure he was going to shoot me because his scare tactics wasn’t working so I said if you’re going to shoot me don’t waste my time and do it now. Long story short I survive that robbery.

Meanwhile at my job we were losing staff because people were getting fired for been lazy it was a big hit to me because I had more work to do.

Less than 3 days after the robbery I clocked in to work and everyone was too serious and quiet I said in my mind here we go.

That day was another random hard day at work with lazy people to me, but the next day I when things went bad our manager and the only person I found likeable in the whole store passed away right there in the store for natural reasons that and nobody in my team was told until a day later. People were randomly crying and I felt sorry for the guy but couldn’t believe he was gone one day multiple members of the staff walked out and I had to cover for 10 people I couldn’t fake smile anymore. I talked to a manager and ask for staff but they said I was going to have to deal with the customers myself I tried my best but I got sick and everything was harder the situation continued for months. My only way to rest up was to call in sick which I did at some points then one day I heard news that my parent didn’t want to help me pay for college anymore. I tried my best to pay by myself but I ran out of money in just two months I was able to save up but decided to drop out of college that 2 days later I got fired from my job for not been able to help in multiple areas were staff were quitting.

I can’t keep writing but I’m doing too bad now I still don’t feel alive like a normal person, but I try to keep my mind occupied with art and other hobbies I know things won’t go back to normal ever again, so I just try to leave with everyday something bad happening.

Try to stay positive even though I don’t show it.


  1. Apart from the story that happened to you when you were 13 . I guess we share the same thing , BAD LUCK .
    You try your best to survive but NOTHING turns out as well as you wish . Same , Im living everyday while I know that tomorrow will be worse .
    It must be hard for you , I know , Stay positive , I hope you find your luck and live a beautiful life .
    I wish you the best .

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