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I am single and not happy about it

My name is Samira and I am  25 years old.

I think I don’t like it for what happened to me. I was just girl who is 23 age. I was happy and I liked my life that way. It’s perfect for me for me.

It was before turning 24 with some time I felt its like something soaking up my life. I felt toxic and very new to many things. I always felt that’s new it’s like something forcing to change to drift to another life and it’s not really good at all. I didn’t know at first. All I was thinking that I ]need it to rest a lot of it to see things out food drink watch movies just like always do when I feel I need to, but this time it was very not the same.

I had it know but I was so happy at that I couldn’t tell it would end up like this. It was so beautiful at first many things I wanted. I dream it but it was all lie nothing of that was true the I was living that I was thinking it was not mine it’s not even real it was toxic because every day was like that but sometimes things getting better that’s what I made me think everything is good to be good but it’s not my life that I know and that’s not me. That’s some drift in life that I didn’t know and start living how it happened, when and why.

Many things happened absurd ones I didn’t know myself when I looked some summer night last summer who’s hair is that who’s eyes is this.

Many of the things gone my smile my laugh my happiness god is the only thing I always say I like to be in kitchen and say some praise of god how great he is no one gets me even I have man that I love but I don’t think he cares about listening to what my life is getting to probably him watching porn.

It’s my life not good at over the year nothing was good I feel worn out all the time I felt like dying it was dying even fire after its dead still have some red but I looked for the little one that would bring me to something anything but it’s all was not getting just happily soaking.

I’m single not happy about it I want someone to talk to and be my bf I really want that week’s ego my grandma died it was another soak that made me more what’s going on why is this she was so good.

I still want to know why it happened for my life because nothing is the same I’m good now I like to buy new clothes it’s all what it’s the only thing I do like in my old life I just like clothes and summer trend yes lol thank you for reading it’s my very very write online I just need it to does anyone know how to give hand? How to get my old life back? How to kill the drifting?


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