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Lost my virginity with a strap on

Okay so I am kind of small for my age and my pussy is super tight and last night my girlfriend took my virginity with a thin strap on (shush she’s secretly a bit older than me) and fuck it felt so so good and she was being so gentle with me and making sure I was okay and I love her so much but that’s beside the point.

Anyways it was making us moan so much because I was so tight and it was shifting inside her so much and it hurt the whole time despite using so much lube and being soaking wet and using a thin toy because I am just that tight, I knew I was tight but I was really shocked when she finally got the toy in me and broke my hymen and fuck it hurt so much because it was stretching me out so much.

Once the pain had calmed down, she started slowly thrusting so the head rubbed in all the right places and it took forty five minutes for me to cum, she came 4 times before she came again at the same time as me.

She was pounding into me at the end and it made me cum so hard, I tightened so much she actually could not move. I was so happy that we had done this together afterwards.

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