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Things I need to do more of

I made a list I made idk why, but I want to share it.

Things I need to do more of:

  1. exercise
  2. eat healthy
  3. go for walk in evenings
  4. being honest with everyone (including myself)
  5. save money to travel
  6. develop my passion for mathematics and coding if I want to pursue it
  7. pray and thank god for everything
  8. spend more time with myself and think about beautiful things
  9. drawing
  10. writing poems
  11. enjoy being in love with my boyfriend

Things I need to do less of:

  1. procrastinate
  2. waste time on phone
  3. watch porn
  4. masturbate
  5. sext with stupid horny strange men online
  6. hate myself
  7. blame myself
  8. dwell in the past
  9. doubt my boyfriend
  10. doubt my capabilities
  11. think of ways to die
  12. talk to internet friends
  13. think about what people will think about me
  14. feel like a disappointment to my friends, family and teachers

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  1. Dear stranger, for you realizing the Things you Need to do less in your life, is already a good direction or path to a better life:)

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