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When I was ten my father said we’ll go to a different country

When I was ten, my father said we’ll go to a different country. I was really sad about living my friends and family. In that country nobody really liked me so I did not care because I was only ten.

Years have passed, I was having hard time but just you know helped others out. My last year when I was twelve I went back to my country, I was not so happy because I forgot how to speak my language. But when I turned thirteen I was like in hell.

I knew all the pass I had no friends no one liked me or care about me even my parent. I started crying then I started seen weird things like man with black eyes and hair looking at me or someone behind me lots of things I did not care even though I show someone look like me but she had white dress and never closed her eyes. Lots of wired things I did not care because when I was twelve I sow like a doll looking at me it’s a boy full black hair and eyes. I got used to it.

Then I started herring things and I got illnesses hand problems, eyes problems, and breathing problems. I did not have friends too nothing I wanted a phone my parent said no even though everyone in my class had one I lied saying yes. I do have one I started don’t bad things and wishing to die.

Going online with strangers my life was worst then hell. Here I am now suffering from pain and I am only fourteen people who have the same problems just do not hate your life because then more people will hate you.

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