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I lost my virginity that night

My mother came in my room to say good night, leaning over me I could smell her perfume and just wanted her to leave so I when I was 16 could masturbate as I was really excited throwing off my sheets.

I masturbated to an explosive climax.

Probably a minute later she is at my side again, looks at me and says I know what you want and motions me to move over on the bed she lays down next to me.

I lost my virginity that night, she guided me into her and told me not so fast.

I came in a minute but stayed hard and kept going until she was satisfied.

We had sex just once more as a teen and then when I was in my fifties we picked up where we left off it was some of the strongest orgasms I have experienced. Just pure pleasure for us both until she was in her late 80’s.

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