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We prefer just to escape and ignore that bad feelings

The worst feeling ever when you feel that you scape from your feelings, I think it’s more painful than facing them and even you know this you don’t have the courage to stop and stay with yourself in an unest moment and face all of your feelings and fears, I think the reason behind our tendency to scape is that we know deep inside if we face ourselves this will lead us to take decisions we believe they will hurt but they are better for us or because we know very well that this will lead us to let it go or sometimes we escape because we afried from our confusion or failure to solve our problems.

So we prefer just to escape and ignore that bad feelings and what that bad feeling caused in our life and relationship, it just eat us from inside and we think that we can just ignore it and continue in our life but this never happens we just harm ourselves deep inside.

Like it or not the only reason to get rid of all these bad feelings is to face them even if this will force us to take hard decisions or to give up important people in our life but this will hurt us just days, months or even years but will not eat us from inside through the whole of ourselves, or maybe at this moment we will discover that we cannot find solutions at this moment but at least this will help us to relax little bit because there is nothing we should da at that moment


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