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Life seems like a waste of time

I am a senior in high school this year. I think somethings wrong with me lately the world seems unrealistic, dark, gloomy and sad.

I try to be happy but when I dream, and smoking weed is the only time I actually feel. I won’t date guys because I believe love is not real. Relationships never work. Life seems like a waste of time I wish I could dream forever and leave this place. Its evil cruel world. All I ever got was one big slap from the world saying a big fuck you.

Everyone I love is gone. I feel broke… My heart feels like a big piece was taken. My eyes always feel dry and my throat feels like someone is tarrying at it… I just want to scream, and someone tell me everything is going to be okay. But I leave it all in and have a smile…

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  1. Keep your chin up my friend. We are all miracles. We are all souls on a journey we didn’t choose. Persevere. We are born alone, we die alone. We are cursed and blesses by the time. On one hand, we hurl towards oblivion without control, on the other, we leave our pain behind. Feel no fear, nor pain, nor sadness or hatred. Believe it or not, we are all in this together. So keep your chin up friend, I am rooting for you from the other side of the world.

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