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We all changed in many ways

The word ‘u changed a lot ‘is hearing frequently from our dear n near people/families around us. It makes a bit confusion…. did we changed, so we need to look deeply what’s the root cause that made others think we changed. As the time moves on change is imminent, those who don’t change they will be left behind. Let me ask who doesn’t change please ask yourself, nowadays people are changing spontaneously according to the favourable condition. I feel like the more smiling face if u see from the nearby people, then expect a backstab from these people in future. Present Family’s got changed in an undesirable manner which is not going to be healthy in future and things are not going to be like before.

We all changed in many ways, everyone got their own hidden objectives and priorities. The good old days are not going to come back, a huge gap is developed among the families and its increasing as time goes on. An unhealthy family civil war is happening and it’s a fact.

Family civil war…. yes, it’s common in all families irrespective of size and members, it was there from the beginning and now it has reached way beyond our reach. Unhealthy gossip, creating allies within the family to get the things done and the money factor which is always there.

The answer lies in us …. why did they change.

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