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I just feel super trapped and turned to here to vent

Well, there is a guy, we’ll call him G, and I met him a couple weeks ago to join a club. So he has been mentoring me on how to use a program for the club. (p.s the club is about creating games in 3D) Obviously… I had fallen for him after a few weeks after and I tell my best friends everything that went on.

I later find out from one of my best friends, we’ll call her N, told me that my other best friend, lets use K for this person, seems to find it ridiculous that I fan-girl over nothing or something super small. When I heard that my heart kind of sank… I now feel like I can’t share anything with my friends when it comes to G. I’ll let you know that I don’t talk about G that often too.

Therefore I just feel super trapped and turned to here to vent or share my story when they won’t listen anymore. I feel as if my opinions or whatever I say during the many calls I have with my best friends they find it boring and only want me to respond to their love lives… I’m tired of this. I should tell them but will I? Probably not… Well.. Thank you for reading this whoever you are :).

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