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There are monsters inside of my head.

There are monsters inside of my head. Always have been since I can remember and I am afraid that they will always be there.

They tell me things that I do not want to hear, they whisper horrors into my ears. And it is hard to not listen to them, it is hard not to give in. But I fight every single day, I fight and I struggle to listen to my own voice.

Until one day I don’t understand why it’s worth fighting. I can’t fight anymore, my legs are broken and my arms are tired. I can’t fight anymore cannot there is nothing left to fight with and no one left to fight for. And I ask myself, maybe these weren’t monsters but angels all along.

Maybe their voices will guide me to where I am supposed to go. Maybe if I just give in, just this once, everything will be better. And so I stand there thinking, all of this time I spent fighting them I could have worked with them, they are my path to heaven. They are my path to where I am supposed to be, because here is clearly not the place for me. And so I listen, I listen to one of the voices and that is enough, the world that used to be in shades of gray is now completely gone and somewhere in this universe my soul smiles because there are no voices, no monsters, no thoughts. Just pure blackness.

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