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I was forced to masturbate for an abusive nun

When I was only 8 years old, I was forced to masturbate for an abusive nun. Before I was adopted, I was raised by a local orphanage. The nuns there were some of the most evil and violent women I’ve ever had the misfortune of meeting.

The whole experience left me unable to have a normal relationship because all my fantasies involve those women. I feel like I grew up to be a degenerate because of them. Those vile women beat me if I did not get an erection or able to reach climax at which point they held me down and forcefully masturbated me violently until I reached my orgasm… However, they would not stop.

They continued masturbating me to a 2nd and 3rd orgasm in a row and would beat me if I cried out to stop because the sensation was too good or I was too sensitive. I remember being held down, hand over my mouth and a clenched fist around my swollen penis. One night in particular I passed out from the multiple orgasms and beatings I got.

It must of been thirteen orgasms in a row. After all the flailing from the enormous climaxes and choking I fainted. This type of stuff continued until I hit puberty.

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