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I feel scared to go to school

I feel scared to go to school now. Its only my second year of high school and this year is so hard.

Everywhere I go I see him, and he always looks happy and it just makes me feel worse. I know that I did the right thing by going to the cops and I know that what he did is unforgettable but there’s a small piece of me that misses him in my life.

I know that it’s weird to miss the guy who sexually assaulted you. If I could I wouldn’t miss him at all except he wasn’t just some random guy before it happened.

He was my closest friend and the one person I would go to for everything and it’s hard to have a friend like that and then have them disappear from your life. I know I sound insane saying I miss him but up until that moment he was the only person who I truly felt safe around and now I don’t feel safe around anyone.


  1. You don’t miss the person he is; rather, you miss the person you thought he was.

  2. You are stronger than ever. Learnt a lesson too. Don’t trust anyone more than your own self.

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