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everything seems to be messed up now

Everything seems to be messed up now. My used to be best friend or maybe still is idk… She just thinks that I am going behind her back and talking shit about her, but the truth is that I have never said anything about her to anyone.

I tried to prove to her, but she just tends to believe in her guts, I guess. I even gave my phone to her cause she did not have a proper one at the moment and she is still using mine. I wonder what she really thinks when she even looks at the phone. She straight up told me that she does not trust me at all but me on the other side. I trust her with all my heart and soul. But that does not matter huh? Eventually I am going to talk to her cause I do not like seeing her alone.

I just have one more year of school, so I guess I just have to face the struggles for a bit. I wanted to let this out so bad cause I can’t keep things to myself for a long term, it really bothers me mentally and my emotions tend to just swing back and forth when I think about this.

It actually does hurt very bad when you trust and like someone so much, but they just end up being assholes.

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