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I really feel so alone

Hi, I really feel so alone. All I want is a person to share my feeling.

Now that I don’t have a person around me, I tell what the thing that worries me.

See that I have finished my collage and now that I am looking for a job. My major was a child nutrition but I look for a job like something different from what I studied why because I took this course by someone’s choice not because of my choice not only this everything in my life was planned by someone like my mom or my sis or by someone who around me why because if at all I choose something on my own means it is not correct so you should choose what we have decided for you but now for the first my I took my own decision in my carrier field but I feel so scared.

What if something goes wrong or what if something happens bad still, I didn’t go for any job still now but everybody makes me so confused even I itself get confused by myself. So, I really don’t know what to do now……..


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