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My 16-year-old sister would sometimes sleep in the second bed

When I was 13 years old, I had two beds in my bedroom. My 16-year-old sister who was very petite and had one of the nicest asses you could imagine would sometimes sleep in the second bed.

We lived in an old farmhouse and the bedrooms would get extremely warm at night. One night my sister came in to sleep on the second bed, she was wearing a tight T shirt and panties that were way too small for her, so they rid up her butt and wrapped around her mound.

I remember being mesmerized by the sight. I became so horny instantly my cock actually began to drip in my underwear. It was a bright night that night which I remember well because I could see her lying face down on the bed with her beautiful ass cheeks exposed from the side. After being watching for an hour I assumed she was sleeping so got up and walked over to her bed.

I crouched down and started rubbing her incredible ass, my god it was so perfect, smooth, soft and perfectly shaped. I squeezed and rubbed it for about 15 minutes before getting the courage to peel her panties down.

I was amazed that she lifted her hips to help me slide them down her legs. I was in heaven, I rubbed and squeezed her ass putting my face against it and just started kissing and rubbing my face on it. I eventually started pushing my tongue into her ass and pussy lips while she laid face down, she started to rock her hips and moan a little.

I remember when I actually pushed my tongue in her pussy the first time, she slowly pushed her ass back until I couldn’t get my face and tongue any deeper in. At this point I had been jacking off and wanted to slide my dick between her ass cheeks badly.

I got onto the bed and on top of her ass and started grinding my dick against her ass and between her legs to her pussy. I still masturbate to this day the feeling when my dick found her pussy and started to slide in, she was so hot and wet and ready, the tightness was amazing and made it difficult not to explode instantly.

I remember the feel of her soft ass pressing back against me, It was amazing. She started pushing her ass up in the air to get my dick in deeper and I exploded. It was the best orgasm I have had in my lifetime. We did these five times before she stopped coming in. We never spoke of it.

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