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How long it’ll be till I’ll be dead

Oh, my love this has been a had time without. All the words spoken are circling around my mind like a ferris wheel. All the moments we spent together are haunting me as I wake up in the dawn.

Your touch on my skin is still fresh. You’ve gone a long time and I miss you. Please come back. Please god let there be a chance for him to love me as I do. All this pain is killing me, how long it’ll be till I’ll be dead. This feels like love but my soul is not ready to accept it. I wanna know this will be okay and if not take my feelings and dump it somewhere, kill my soul as it screams so hard.

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  1. Be patient o being .. Let God heal you .
    Let him help you overcome this pain
    Stay with friends … don’t be alone … you will be healed .. have faith

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