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My life has been going out as total mess

Hello, please somebody help me. My life has been going out as total mess. I am going to fail my exams and if I fail, my school is going to throw me out. My family is poor. They have so many expectations from me.

They have been doing like everything for me, for my resources, school fees, my dad has been into various jobs. I excelled till my previous class. But now this is going to be total shit. I just wanna cry.

I have like totally ruined everything. Yes i do have friends. But they won’t be for a longer time with me. I wanted to be student who is intelligent, totally concentrated, focused, who teachers appreciated. I wanted to be like so much studious, an impression which everyone should have of me, “yeah here’s he, let’s ask him”, like everybody coming and asking doubts from me.

But i have messed up everything, I am going to be seventeen soon. I hadn’t ” wanted” these things, i actually “want” these things, an impression of me, far better.


  1. Do enjoy your honesty? Now stop felling sorry and down! Never give up never surrender!
    People who fail always fell like the can’t do anything right no that a lot of bull shit.

    I was once like you poor, no father, no mentor, nothing but I promise myself to finish high school and go to college, dude I made it with God’s help and being determined to graduate no matter the odds.

    So again STOP felling sorry the world will eat you alive. Get up take a good look in the mirror and tell yourself God did not make a mistake I’m one of a kind and I will make it!

    If I had a penny for everyone I meet and heard their sob story I’ll be a millionaire by now!
    So no more Crying Sissy and make it happen!!

  2. U should probably sit down for a while and reflect on the mistakes you made .. why you feel like you are likely to fail…. sit in silence .. calm down yourself … let your intuition guide you … you will get solutions …. In my opinion .. you should study at least to pass … otherwise if you wish to be a “topper” type student … you might need more time .. at least study so that you can pass

  3. If you understand what you’re learning about there isn’t really any chance you’re going to fail your exams…Confusion or not understanding sometimes is just what causes bad grades 🙂

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