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So how should I start telling things?

So how should I start telling things? Because Life was used to be roller-coaster.

If we simply wants to describe what life is “we can say it is a complete package of Emotions”. It has Love and betrayals, Likings and Hatred, Good times and Bad times, and all the other mess. Like in your life, I also go through one deep emotion that we call Love. Love can be with Parents, Animals, Friends but the relation I am talking about is the Love with a Lady (She was used to be Girl when she was with me)

I was determinant not to love again after having a great ride of Love and Hate what we used to say Break up. I consider everyone as Greedy, Selfish and Emotionless. After effect of the break up was strong enough to shake me. It was like my emotion lose the destination. Emotions were their still. Those Emotions used to be concentrated on one person. Every time it was her only I was thinking about. If I want to make anyone happy in m it was her only. But when we trust someone blindly, that person only stab the knife (what we say backstabber) I trust her. But her loyalty was a myth. One day I found her hand in someone else’s hand. It was over at that very moment. And I decided to not to love again.

But what about the emotions. It was still finding the destination. It was their only and for her only. After good amount of time I invest in the carrier, I forget about the experiences I had. And then I fall again. After repeating the same Love and hate cycle. It makes me think about what really Love is. I think Love is something which a person dig for oneself. It gets deepen day by day and you never know. You start enjoying that darkness but at one point of time you are in such a deep well that you never found a single ray of light. The well which is made of dead emotions. The walls are thick and rough. This leaves you emotionless.
And here I am now the person with no Emotion, Light, water and a Life I guess. but the Amazing thing is I can’t stop digging.

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