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I fucked my 6 year old brother it felt great.

It was about a week ago I was home alone or so I thought I was jerking off like a normal teenager was doing when all of a sudden my brother walks in my room he watches for a while when suddenly he walks up and starts jerking me off.

A little later I ended up squirting on my brothers face and hand the next day I was watching gay porn.

I’m openly bisexual so later my brother walks in my room again but this time naked I was aroused but confused he ended up giving me a blow job that night and we ended up fucking on his bed missionary doggy and cowgirl style let me just say I nutted in his ass and he said he can’t wait for me to come back and have fun.



  1. Sorry to sabot this is wrong on so many levels , first you need help if this is going on it could be considered molesting and child , and even incest sex with a sibling ,,, it could lead to you trying to get strange sex by forcing some and that would be rape.

    What your doing is no good stop it now.

  2. Umm, This is od…. It’s so… Wrong you shouldn’t do that (Also I didn’t search this myself my brother suggested it)

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