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That’s the best fucking I’ve had ever bro

My sister Deborah and I were twins. We both were fifteen years old on May 2nd, 1951.

I had skipped three grades in school. Some people thought I was really smart for my age. I thought I was just a regular guy. We had always been very close since we were very young. Once we were in the dog house in the back yard kissing. We must have been ten or eleven. Our dog had died. My mom and dad were watching TV.

It was dark outside and in July. I told them I had to move my bicycle from the front yard to the garage because it was due to rain tonight. Earlier, I had raised the bathroom window about an inch or so. I was planning to see Deborah get undressed before taking her shower.

I got my bicycle and stopped at the bathroom window. She was standing in front of the mirror over the sink admiring her slender, shapely body. To be thirteen years old, she had uncanny nice tits, 34C, a slender waist, a cute ass, and a beautiful hairy snatch. Mom had large breast. She was four feet eight inches tall with natural curly blond hair, blue eyes, nice shapely legs, and cute little feet. I knew her bra size from looking at one of them when I was unloading the clothes dryer months ago. That was the first time I saw her completely nude.

Then, months later, we were alone at home. Mom and dad were out grocery shopping. It normally took them about two or more hours because our dad only got paid once of month. They would shop for a month of groceries. Deborah was asleep in her bedroom. Her door was slightly cracked. She liked to sleep in the nude when it was hot outside. Her bedroom window was open slightly. We didn’t have any air conditioning. She had a box fan at the foot of her bed. I slowly entered her bedroom. She had a sheet over her. I grabbed one corner of it, and slowly pulled the blanket down to reveal her beautiful and shapely naked body.

She was lying on her back. I rubbed her snatch. She didn’t stir. I put my right index finger inside her snatch. She still didn’t stir. I started to move it in and out. After a little while, she started to push her hips up and down. Her snatch was getting really wet. I pulled out, stood up, and took off my jeans and underwear. By this time, she had turned onto her side. I laid down with my penis just inches from her sweet little ass and wet pussy.

I had a hard on, and pre-cum was oozing out. I raised her right leg, and slowly put the head of my penis inside her. She pushed back to me to get more. She had been on the pill for four months when mom found out she was sexually active. Mom didn’t tell my father because they both were very active in the church. He would think it’s a sin and, Deborah will go to hell. I think she was awake, but didn’t want to let on so I would think she was easy.

I eventually put my nine inch penis all the way into her. She moaned and pushed back some more. This went on slowly for about five minutes. Then she said, “David. Push harder.” I pulled out of her and turn her over on her back. I spread her legs with her feet high in the air, and entered her again while sucking on her 34C breast. The head of my nine inch penis was bottoming out inside her.

She was ecstatic, and was moaning. Her nipples were standing up more than a quarter of an inch. They were hard. I noticed her toes on her cute little feet were turned down. She had this uncanny way of flexing her pussy muscles to squeeze my penis. Almost like her sucking my penis. I don’t how she does it. It was like I was being milked. I said, “I’m going to shoot a load inside your wet pussy.” She had her eyes closed and was moaning saying, “Please give me more. Please fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, cum in me, cum in me, please cum inside my pussy.” I used my lips to pull on her nipple, one at a time. That shot her through the roof.

She moaned more. I grabbed her ass cheeks, and pulled her pussy as tight, and close to me as possible. She arched her back, and said, “Oh my God.” She was moaning. I picked up the speed. It lasted for about another five minutes. I said to her, “I’m going to cum. Are you ready to accept my hot seed?” She said, “Yes. Give it to me. Give me all of your baby juice David. Cum inside my wet, and fertile womb.”

She screamed and I shot a load of my juice deep inside her fertile little snatch. I cummed for about a minute. She screamed again. We just laid there with my shrinking penis still inside her. We kissed while swirling our tongues in each other’s mouth. I was getting hard again with my penis was still inside her. She felt it getting very hard again, and said, “David. I want to suck your penis.” I pulled out, and she pushed me down on my back.

She took my penis in both hands and started to suck me off. I cummed again inside her mouth. She swallowed my cum, and said, “That tastes good.” I said, “I want to eat your snatch sis.” She said, “I’ve never had that done to me before.” I said, “Really. You’re about to experience something amazing and very satisfying. It will make you cum again.”

I put her on her back. I climbed down between her legs and began tonguing her snatch and clit. She moaned and said, “Brother. This is wonderful. Please continue sucking, and playing with my cunt.” I used my tongue to play with her clit. She was excited, and she said, as she was cumming, “Oh my God. I’m cumming.” When we finished she said, “Thank you. That’s the best fucking I’ve had ever bro.

None of the other boys I fucked did that to me. This is a new experience, and I like it. I like having you making love to me, and sticking your penis inside me and shooting your baby juice deep inside my pussy. It really gives me satisfaction. I just love you fucking me. I don’t want any other man inside me except for you.” I said, “Me too.” She commented, “You have a much larger penis than I dreamed.

I used to fantasize about you fucking me. I’ve done it many times. I would rub my cunt and get off on it. I really didn’t think it would come true until now. You are such a fantastic fucker. I wish we could fuck forever, with you deep inside my pussy giving me all you have. Giving me all your cum. That would be so nice.”

The weeks and months went on, and, we fucked every chance we got when either of said I’m horny. She’d suck my penis, and I’d eat her snatch. We were becoming sex slaves to each other.


  1. This is 10/10 the most made up story I’ve read on this page so far. 1st of all, you’re disgusting for even thinking about this or fantasizing about it, so you’d be way more gross if it ever did happen. 2nd, that’s your sister. Literally somebody who is related to you. That’s gross. 3rd, none of that was believable. “Shoot your baby juice in my hot fertile womb” being said by a 13 year Old? Really? Get some help for your pedophilic desires because you’re only going to be seen as more and more disgusting and revolting as the years go on. Hope you end up in prison, you sick fuck.

  2. I’m calling ‘bullshit’. Contraception, The Pill, wasn’t developed till 1960 and wasn’t used till 1962…. 11 YEARS after you say you were 15 and fucked your sister..

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