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I have a problem with my brother’s and …

I have a problem with my brother’s and father’s behaviour. Since last year,both of them changed so much and i don’t have the power to do anything to make them realize their wrong doings.

I stopped calling my brother “abang” which means brother in malay and start calling his name instead.It’s because he had been so disrespectful lately to my mother,sister and me.He always yells,and be angry,shouting,telling that we are wrong in every situation when my father is not around.Whenever my father is with all of us,he turns into this whole new positive person.And that makes us mad,really mad.

Now,about my father, he ALWAYS and i mean ALWAYS will have a problem.And no matter what’s the reason though it doesn’t have to do anything with us,he’s gonna let it out at US. It’s so so so stressful,and i am annoyed. I don’t mind people expressing their problem to me. But there are ways such as talking politely.

But my father,does it the exact opposite way.He would also yell at us,screams,cuss call my mother a terrible stupid wife,call us names and it was hurtful, especially to my mother..
so I’m hoping at least someone,in here will help me please. I know I will eventually get over it,but it’s still hard cause I’m only thirteen.

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