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My grandma played with me

This all started when my sister and brother were both in the afternoon school schedule and I was in the morning one my grandfather had come to visit, and I would stay only with him at times as my mom ran errands. One day, he asked me if I was a little girl or a big girl, of course I said a big girl.

He looked so excited, so he said “show me then” I was confused, and he simply went and raised my shirt. I was 11 and super flat. He saw my undergarment and said “I can’t see them, take it off” I do not know why but I did as he asked.

I lifted it up so he could see my naked chest. I felt so shy as he smiled and said “oh baby this is so perfect” he touched softly over my tiny nipples as I stood there exposed to him. He asked me if I was a big girl down there too. As he touched over my cunny over my clothes. I nodded and he pulled up my school skirt and asked me to pull down my panties so he could check.

He was so confident about this that I never thought to question it. I was helping him molest me. He took me almost completely naked to the kitchen counter and lifted me up to see on the counter’s corner. He said “open up those legs now baby I need to make sure you are a big girl before we play” I did.

He fingered me for so long and then licked me all over down there. Then he said I was ready to play, and he grabbed a carrot from the fridge and told me to stay still and that it was going to feel a little cold.

He then inserted the carrot slowly inside me and little by little got rougher with it. I was so scared to move and then I felt his tongue again on my little clit it felt good, but I was so scared.

I had my very first orgasm with my grandpa and his tongue on my clit and ma carrot inserted inside me. He laughed and said I was ready for part 2. He made me turn around and pull my knees to my chest exposing my ass to him completely. He then proceeded to rub it and still me to be very brave and very still.

I started crying the moment he inserted the carrot in my ass. It was a bad feeling, it hurt. He laughed and said I would later on like it and even ask for a bigger one. I said I didn’t like it and he asked if I had liked the other side. I said yes and he turned me around again and said “okay then you are ready for me” he showed me his big thing and before I could say a word, he was trying to enter me. I was confused and terrified at this point. It did not feel like a game anymore and the worst happened after.

My little brother came in the room and asked what my grandpa was doing. He then proceeded to hide his manhood and told my little brother to touch my body. He was little and confused but he told him he had to. I still remember how his tiny finger felt poking at me and he was made to suck on my nipples as well then, he got him naked and I had to orally do his tiny part. It’s so nasty to think about now but that day he laughed so I did not think I was doing something bad we loved to another country soon after this I think that is why he did it because it was his last chance to touch us.


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