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My life is very strange

My life is very strange. Nobody understands me because nobody knows everything about me.

Some people know some dark bits, some know of the other dark bits, some know of none, but nobody knows everything about me.

I used to be a very happy kid, I don’t know when what happened and I turned out to be like what I am. Decisions that I did not make shaped me into what I am. Tragedies took place, I still could have been a normal human being (I know people with similar circumstances who did grow up to be normal).

Sometimes, I think it is just me. It’s just how I am and that it is all my fault. I shouldn’t have existed. Why do I exist, can’t find a reason really. Nobody would miss me. I feel like that today. But if I did not kill myself then, I will not kill myself now. I will still cling to that particle of hope I still have to be better and happier tomorrow.


  1. Hi what are the decisions tgat made u a strange person
    And how are you a strange person

  2. U do matter man. Go out and make new friends. Look up old relatives search for a new hobby. I believe in you you’ve got this. Something that can also help is NoFap

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