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I’m a girl. I catfished as a guy

I’m a girl. I catfished as a guy because I’ve always wanted to be in a guys body.

I’m bi but I fall for girls and especially this girl that I catfished. I fell for this straight girl, I really did…. and now I feel absolutely bad for catfishing her.

I never wanna tell her the truth because my reputation might get ruined knowing that she knows my in real life friends.

I don’t know what to do with my bond and love for her. I am TOO attached that I was crying every night thinking of what will my life be if I ever ghosted her.

It’s a very tough situation. I wanna leave her life but I also want to know what goes on in it and never leave her life….

But I also have no choice because I do not want her knowing I was a catfish.

I’m deeply sorry…. She was literally the only person I could relate to and she gave me all her secrets that she never told ANYONE not even her in real life friends.

I feel truthfully bad and I just don’t know what to do. I’m sorry for catfishing. I’m just not comfortable with who I am. I really wanna be a guy but I don’t wanna be trans… I wanna be known that I was a guy my entire life.. I wish I was born as a guy….

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