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During quarantine I tried to have constant with my best friend

During quarantine I tried to have constant with my best friend. At the beginning everything was okay. One day she came up with idea to create group chat for armys.

At first it was okay, we were just texting, but I’m a bit shy so I was a little more quiet. I saw that everyone liked my friend more than me but I Didn’t care that much. Then chat started to die and I found out that my friend and two most active people except for me created another group chat and they haven’t asked me to join cause they knew I don’t want to write rp about Korean idols having sex.

That’s true, but they could at least ask. Later there was bang bang con, for two days there were lives from BTS concerts. I was texting my best friend, she wasn’t responding so I thought she was just focusing on watching. During the last concert she told me she’s talking with people on other group chat, I asked her to add me there but she said that it’s gonna end soon anyway.
After that my friend started ignoring me. She wasn’t responding even though she was in her house and she was active on messenger. She even started to read my messages and leave me on read.

I found a boyfriend and he told me to try to talk to her about our whole relationship.

We met and I tried to talk to her, she was responding with one world all the time. We ended discussion when I told her to just think about it.

She kept ignoring me.

I met with her friend to talk about my situation and she told me that my best friend told her that I’m restricting her and that I’m being toxic.

Few weeks (cause of corse she never have time) we met and talked about it. I though it was okay.

Few days later she started ignoring me again.

I didn’t mention she found a girlfriend through one of this group chats.

They had an argument and my friend’s girlfriend and this girlfriend’s friend treated my friend like trash. She was telling my friend to fuck off and that’s she is the worst. So I told my friend to don’t talk to toxic people, she was asking me how to get rid of them. I also told her to break up with her girlfriend because it don’t make sense to be in a relationship through internet with person you haven’t even seen. I was by her side for like few days. Later she talked to her girlfriend for like an hour and decided she love her and just now she started to appreciate this relation enough. She even told me that I was giving her to much pressure.

We went to the zoo one day. She was all the time on her phone. She told me that she was just talking about meeting her girlfriend, her girlfriend’s best friend and internet friend. They were ofc writing about BTS having sex too.

At the beginning of the meeting the atmosphere was terrible but later it was ok.

I wanted her to meet my boyfriend but she never found time.

Her girlfriend came to our city one day with her best friend. When we talked about it I was like


and she was like

Haha why not And then, few days ago she went to another city to meet her internet friends and I found out through Facebook.

Today she started texting kind of a school Kpop group chat and telling OMG WE HAVE TO MEET, I MISS YOU SO MUCH

Later I broke up with my boyfriend, when I told her through messenger she responded to few messages and then started ignoring me again.

Now I’m more upset about the fact that she will be have satisfaction that I broke up than about an actual breakup.

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