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-_-”   well i just wanted to find a pl …

I just wanted to find a place to get this out of my system.

My brother just got married (i NEVER liked her) Even when they started dating she always pushed him around and got him to do whatever she wanted. (she was also the reason why he dropped out of high-school) I’m furious at him as well because he was an idiot and dropped out in his senior year EVEN WORSE: HE ONLY HAD 3 MONTHS LEFT!!!

They both live with me and my mom, she also dropped out as well (she’s 1 year younger so she may have dropped out her senior year as well -___-“)

He works in fast food and she DID work at a daycare until they laid her off and she’s on call now (but she could get promoted and paid more IF she gets her GED).  My mom only has me and my brother and i’m 16 and still in school making straight A’s  to be completely honest I hate it, I DESPISE school, and get very annoyed very easily, I also don’t like people too much because I’m shy and have anxiety problems but i do have quite a bit of friends. My brother’s wife is so whiny and childish, she cries over the most idiotic things, she needs a new cell phone every time you turn around because she either breaks them or wants the most expensive one. I also get woken up on a daily basis because of their constant arguing. (trust me it’s always about something stupid)  example: she was yelling extremely  loud she woke me up saying that he never tells her he loves her, when realistically he tells her he loves he every to seconds and TRIES to hug/kiss her but she always refuses him.  And on top of that their both immature (which is sad because i’m the youngest)  she has said the most dumbest things you’d be surprised! i got so irritated once that i told her “God your such a dunce, you make common sense seem like it’s university level.”    and she whined and ran to my brother calling me a “little bitch”.

Her and my brother both act like children example: we were in the kitchen and they started fighting again and she told him “Your so stupid you need to go to a brain operator”  at this point i was like O_o a brain operator? and then my brother yelled back saying “what the hell are you talking about” her: “a brain operator you need to go see one and get your brain operated on! that’s what they’re called!!”  him: “No! you need to go see one and fix your brain”    now at this point i was both annoyed and amused so i spoke up and said “guys -_- that would be a Neurologist NOT a ‘brain operator'” they both got mad at me.

And FINALLY:    Since i’m the only kid left in school and haven’t done anything to screw up my life so far, Our mom keeps me under close watch. (we live about 5 1/2 miles close to my best friend) it’s not that bad of a walk for me so if i want to walk down there my mom says NO!  but my brother has walked farther,   If i even mention going outside at night (even just on the porch) i get yelled at, my mom won’t even let me have a job!!!   i told her i wanted to save money for college and help her pay bills. but she always yells at me telling me how i need to focus on school work and my grades -_-.   She just doesn’t want me to screw up like my brother did, she says she loves us both but she let him do whatever he wanted, and i feel like i have a huge pad lock on me. she even hates the thought of me dating cause she says i’m not ready and gives me a lecture on how boys these days blah blah blah. And every time i mention moving out she tells me to make sure there’s enough room for her to live with me.    I’ll be honest again i love my mom but i do NOT want to be stuck with her for the rest of my  life and i don’t want to feel like the girl that got straight A’s and a college degree and makes good money but the only reason she was pushed so hard was because her mom, brother, and sister-in-law  need to leech off of someone else!

sorry guys i just had to get it all out

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