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well this is easy….I just found out 4 …

well this is easy….I just found out 4 weeks ago that my husband whom Ive been with 6 years and married coming up on 2yrs. has been having an affair with his salesgirl at work since Nov. 2010….we were married end of Oct 2010. Im devastated. we have 2 toddlers and I have 2 older children from a previous marriage….but mostly Im PISSED….This whore …did this and rubbed it in my face every chance they got….she came to our parties, holidays and functions…she went out with me….she palyed with my children and now…..has the audacity to pretend she was the injured party!!!!!!!!! Im not sure what I want to do anymore….I love him but lately I hate him more for doing this to me….

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  1. I wish I could help you right this wrong so very badly. Hoes need to have the consequences of their actions literally kicking and hitting their faces, or they will never learn. 

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