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i always knew that my best guy friend li …

I always knew that my best guy friend liked me but I always kept ignoring it because I actually did not want to accept it. Yesterday he confessed it to my sister that he actually head over heals for me and now I feel miserable. I want him only as a friend and nothing more. He moved to another part of town and I know we won’t be able to meet again. He mad my sister promise that she won’t tell me, but I over heard their conversation. I am confused, shall I tell him that I know or not. I know he will tell me really soon about it. But I don’t want him to tell me. I feel that I completely used him up. He was ready to die for me and I actually once pushed him into a well of death. there was this guy who was crazy for me and that guy owned a gang full of BAD BOYS. My best friend actually went to fight with them. He came back safe and sound but he risked his life for me. And what I did to thank him was just scold him for going there and fighting with them. His sister told me the next day that he actually cried the night before. I did not even show the courtesy to apologize to him. I love him but only as a best friend, nothing more.
I want my friend back. besides, he  has moved to a new home yesterday and it was really unexpected. They were going to go 2 weeks later. When he called me to inform, I was like only – oh.. so you moved.. bye then.
I am a fool. I just want to meet him once to apologize to him.

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