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Okaie. Yes i know thats not how you spel …

Okaie. Yes I know thats not how you spell okay but its whatever. I’m a girl and I’m just about 16 and one thing I hate is when people say your to young to know what love is. Yes I understand that love is a big word. But I have been in love and I truly feel that I’ve lost the love of my life. His name starts with a P. We had been friends for a really long time. Actually since I could remember. He really came into my life when I was 9. My mom had just left and he was always there. His mom kind of became my mom. Before my mom left his mom and my mom would talk all the time about how we would end up together. And as I grew older I started believing it. Anyway’s so we started dating our 7th grade year and I gotta hand you something it was my best years of my life so far. We were the couple everyone knew and loved. We’d constantly fight but at the end of the day we made up. We started taking us as a couple serious that summer. And the 3 words came out and I full heartedly meant all 3 to the period. So we grew older and now in 10 grade we broke up freshman year. We continued being best friends and ever so often find ourselves talking about the good old days and it was nice. So sophomore year starts and we’d say we’d moved on but I dont think we did. He started finding this girl. Her name starts with an N. In the beginning she was okaie with me. And as time went on she didn’t really like the fact that I was best friends with him still after we had dated. I get that but then they were having troubles and I slept over one night and things got a little heated and now about 1/2 way through our sophomore year. He becomes distant and eventually we stopped being friends. I didn’t notice because I gave them space.Now it the end of our Sophomore year and were still not talking. In the end you can see he’s not happy. I’m not happy. But the question I’m always asking is.. Do you think we can find each other again? And I’ve  heard the “if it meant to be then its meant to be” but I need a for sure answer to move on.

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